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  1. Can New York City Lead In Life Sciences?

    New York City has long aspired to become a life sciences hub, but while the city seems to have all the elements necessary to foster such industry growth, it has continually fallen short of this goal. New York currently ranks a distant third behind both Greater Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, and there’s some work to do if it hopes to catch up.

  2. Can Biosimilars Increase The Profitability Of Generics Manufacturers?

    Generic drug prices are falling. For confirmation, look no further than the recent earnings reports from generic manufacturers and pharmaceutical wholesalers whose profits from distributing generic pharmaceuticals are also declining.

  3. State Of Serialization: Where FDA & The Pharma Industry Currently Stand

    Serialization in the pharmaceutical sector is a direct response to the problems of counterfeit, stolen, and gray-market drugs. There's been a huge incentive for counterfeiters to duplicate high-profit-margin products. According to the 2016 Brand Protection and Product Traceability Market Research Report from PMMI, the black market for counterfeit drugs is about $75 billion annually.

  4. How Biosimilar Companies Can Survive An Uncertain Future

    In this final installment of a three-part series, managing directors Jonathan Kfoury and Ricardo Brau of L.E.K. Consulting share their perspectives on six biosimilar company archetypes, emerging biosimilar development and business strategies (as well as mistakes to avoid), and the market’s future.

  5. What Can Scott Gottlieb Do To Advance The FDA & Clinical Trials?

    On May 11, Scott Gottlieb, M.D., officially became the 23rd commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dr. Gottlieb has previous FDA experience, having served as deputy commissioner for medical and scientific affairs, among other positions, during the George W. Bush administration.

  6. Labor Day, Leadership, And Leveraging A Moment Of Pause

    The Labor Day transition into fall is perfect timing for a strategic pause. As you approach the coming season, block out time to reflect on your goals and those of your team and organization. Consider these four questions...

  7. Keeping Up With Innovation: 4 Steps For Staying Relevant In A Rapidly Evolving Pharma Landscape

    We've identified four critical steps for life science executives to consider in order to outperform the competition.

  8. Big Data, Value-Based Pricing, and Ubiquitination: Leading the Charge in the Future of Healthcare

    Now, more than ever, the pharma industry is ripe for improvement and innovation. Three topics to pay close attention to in the near future are Big Data, value-based pricing, and the Nobel Prize-winning field of ubiquitination-mediated protein degradation, the topic of the keynote at the 2016 ASCO conference.

  9. Life Sciences Checklist For Revenue Recognition Readiness

    While every entity will now follow the new five-step approach to recognizing revenue, there are nuances of the ASC 606 revenue recognition standard that specifically affect life sciences companies.

  10. Brexit & The Biopharma Industry: 3 Important Developments To Watch

    There have been considerable updates in the Brexit situation since April 2017, including, the surprising result of the U.K. general election. If anything, news regarding Brexit and the biopharma industry has started to heat up in recent months, and there have been a number of relevant developments that manufacturers must keep their eye on.